The Incredible Shrinking Machine

Children learnt lots about plants, flowers and insects as part of their Learning to Learn adventure – ‘The Incredible Shrinking Machine’. Many speaking and listening opportunities arose as the children interacted with Mrs Brown.

Children worked with Tan Draig, creative practitioner, to make huge caterpillars and spiders. Role play areas were transformed into Mrs Brown’s garden from the story. Children also made dragonflies, spiders and large flowers for their role play areas. Classes made huge spider webs stretching from one side of the classroom to the other. With classrooms filled full of newspaper, children became insects rustling in the undergrowth!

Children also made miniature gardens at home and brought them into school and many took up the challenge of undertaking the RSPB’s annual Birdwatch in their gardens and brought the results into school to share with their class. Using the internet, children researched how birds live and learnt many facts about owls.

Much high quality writing was produced by the children recalling their adventure as well as writing descriptions of Mrs Brown’s garden.

Children also made miniature bird boxes from card and decorated these with birds made from tissue paper before selling them to parents on ‘Gallery Day’. In preparation for this special day, the Reception children took a Year 2 child on a tour of their classroom and told them all about their learning. Children subsequently took their parents on a tour of the classrooms to tell then all about their work as part of this adventure. Parents were invited to buy the bird boxes which the children had made together with other items made by the children including paper flowers in plant pots decorated by the children. Each class raised sufficient money to adopt a barn owl each!



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