Stories From Around The World

Our ‘Stories from around the World’ work enabled children to explore the characteristics and cultures of different countries through a range of stories. Each classroom focused on exploring a particular story from another country and children visited each classroom to undertake a range of activities relating to that story and country.

In Class 1 children explored the story of ‘Tonto in Spain’ with flamenco dancing, a giant salamander made by the children and a range of art activities. In Class 2, Australia and the story of Tiddalik was explored with a giant frog and wombats made by the pupils as well as children creating aboriginal paintings and frog puppets. Kenya and the story of Handa’s Surprise was the focus in Class 3. Children enjoyed making fruit trees, sponge paintings and African huts as well as playing apple bobbing, African drumming, making fruit kebabs and undertaking a barefoot walk. In Class 4, Madame Pamplemousse and France was explored with children making a giant time machine, pocket watches and writing recipes. The children learnt about Germany and the Musicians of Bremen in Class 4 making musical instruments, using tablets to explore German games and creating German art work. In Class 6, Egypt and the story of ‘What’s the matter Habibi?’ was explored with children making a life size camel, exploring the pyramids and creating hieroglyphics as well as role play in the Egyptian market. When visiting Class 7, children learnt about Mexico and the story of ‘The Little Ant and the Giant Crumb’ making Mexican jewellery and art work. The chil

dren also built huge ant hills (complete with ants). In the Nursery children explored China and the story of Mulan tasting Chinese food, role play in a Chinese restaurant and creating lanterns and Chinese puzzles.

The work was enhanced by a number of visitors to school including professional storyteller Sophie Snell and illustrator Steve Smallman. Children listened to stories from different countries told by more professional storytellers from Footprints Theatre Trust in their special story tent. Footprints Theatre Trust also delivered some very interactive workshops to our older children exploring an African version of ‘The Good Samaritan’. Professor Pop-Up and his puppet theatre delivered performances of ‘A Chinese Dragon’ to all children which culminated in children joining in a dragon procession. All children also worked with Tan Draig, creative practitioner, to create some large and exciting sculptures to represent the different stories.

Children made story hats at home and brought these into school for a parade. Some of the hats were very imaginative and colourful and all children were rewarded with a personalised certificate to reward their efforts.

At the end of the work all children and staff enjoyed dressing up as a book character and a special assembly was held to look at all the fantastic costumes.

Parents were also invited into school to see the children’s work as part of our ‘Creativity Afternoons’. Children enjoyed taking their parents on a tour of the classrooms.







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